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Insurance Advice in Germany

As an independent insurance broker, we can help you with all insurance questions. We provide you with information on legal issues when concluding insurance contracts and on insurance conditions. We also advise you with regard to your personal insurance needs in the main insurance lines such as occupational disability insurance, (vehicle) liability insurance, health and life insurance.

5 reasons why people benefit from independent insurance brokers:

  1. We uncover insurance gaps and show solutions on how existential risks can be avoided
  2. We analyze and evaluate your insurance - and recommend the best conditions for you with optimal insurance cover
  3. We advise on an honest basis and evaluate insurance concepts independently and objectively
  4. Great comparison of many well-known insurance companies
  5. Professional damage management: You will have a contact person in the event of damage and you can contact us for the entire support.

We can help you with Independent Insurance Advice

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What happens after you have made contact?

We will contact you by email to send an initial assessment. We can then discuss appropriate solutions afterwards. You decide whether to continue by email or over the phone. Insurance advice and support is guaranteed free of charge. As an insurance broker, we receive commission for the recommended insurance policies. There are no costs for you from our side.

Checklist: The five most important insurances for people in Germany

1. Liability insurance is essential for everyone.

Insurance coverage should always cover major damage. This means that the "greatest imaginable accident" must be secured in any case. In any case, this includes taking out private liability insurance in a sufficient amount: Anyone who causes damage to others must expect claims for damages. And that can be expensive, and in extreme cases even threaten your very existence. It also makes sense to insure your own household contents, since many private households cannot afford to buy a new one after a fire, major water damage or devastated inventory after a burglary, for example. 

2. Health Insurance

Every German citizen must have either statutory or private health insurance. This is required by the state. Statutory health insurance makes more sense for most people. With private health insurance, the premiums often rise sharply in old age. Therefore, you should only take out private insurance if you are absolutely sure that you can pay for it in the long term. Those who do not have health insurance are only treated in emergencies.

3. For motorists: Motor vehicle liability insurance

Every vehicle must have at least third party insurance. Comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, are optional. You should be particularly careful when buying a used car: If you do not take care of car insurance in good time, you will have to pay a fine.

4. For employees: Statutory pension insurance

For most people, statutory pension insurance is the most important component of their old-age provision. For employees, the contribution to pension insurance is automatically deducted from their salary every month. Some self-employed people such as craftsmen and midwives are also compulsorily insured in the statutory pension insurance, all other self-employed people can pay contributions voluntarily. However, the statutory pension is often not sufficient and additional private pension provision makes sense.

5. For property owners - Homeowners Insurance

If you own a property, you should get homeowners insurance. This insures damage caused by storm, hail, fire or lightning. If necessary, you can extend the contract with elementary damage insurance.

6. For dog owners: Dog Liability Insurance

In some federal states it is already required by law: dog liability. A contract for all dog owners makes sense. The insurance compensates for damage caused by your dog. The four-legged friend is not included in private liability insurance.

7. For home loans: term life insurance

If one parent dies, the other parent alone must secure the family income. Being a single parent is one of the greatest risks of poverty in Germany. Term life insurance protects your surviving dependents financially. If you haven't paid off a home loan yet, insurance is a must. Even if your family lives mainly from a salary, such a contract makes sense.

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